Keio Nature - z miłości do natury!


At Keio, we use the work of our hands combined with experience and passion, and all this contributes to the joy of what we do and satisfied customers.


Our slippers and shoes are 100% merino wool, and the finish is the best Italian leather.


Keio Nature is not only the highest quality and ecology, but also honesty, that’s why we manufacture our products in Poland, not in Asia.

Łovcee is a slippers made of merino wool. Thanks to this, they will provide warmth and comfort to even the most demanding customers. The whole product is made by hand. The use of suede on the soles makes them non-slip, so also safe. We recommend our slippers not only to those who are deaf, but also to persons with lymphangiological swellings and allergies. Our products are not only copyright but above all practical. They originated from the needs and values ​​that we ourselves profess.

Our products are made by hand without the use of machines, and orders are made for a specific foot size and user’s needs.